When a tooth has been lost and healthy teeth are located on both sides of the newly missing tooth (or teeth), then a fixed bridge is a treatment option. We welcome you to contact Parkway Dental at 919-380-9622 to learn more about dental bridges in Cary, North Carolina, and make your appointment with Dr. Stephen Coker.

Bridges are created by adding crowns to the two supportive teeth (called abutment teeth) on either side of the gap and a false tooth or teeth (called pontics) in between the abutment teeth. If the teeth on either side of the gap are not healthy enough to anchor a bridge, then implants can be used to create the support needed.

Fixed bridges are typically made from porcelain with a metal sub-structure and require at least two appointments to complete. The first appointment is used to prepare and temporize the teeth. The second appointment is the delivery appointment to adjust and cement the fixed bridge in place.

Even though all of the teeth of the bridge are physically connected, the final result makes it look like the teeth are individual and natural.

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