When the structure of an entire tooth is compromised, a crown, which covers all of the surfaces of the tooth, will need to be placed. Each crown provided by Dr. Coker is custom designed to provide you with a beautiful, natural looking, and long-lasting restoration for your smile. Please call us at 919-380-9622 to learn more about dental crowns in Cary, North Carolina, and make your appointment with Dr. Stephen Coker.

The first step is to prepare the tooth for a crown. This allows the new crown to fit over the top of your existing tooth, and restores it to the look and function of your original tooth. Now your tooth will have the added support and strength from the crown. We then take an impression, select the proper color for the crown and make a temporary, at which time the first appointment is completed.

Your case is then sent to a local dental lab to be fabricated. You will return in about two weeks to have it adjusted, if necessary, and permanently cemented. Before your crown is cemented, however, we check the fit, the contacts, the bite, and the color to make sure it has the same characteristics of your natural teeth

For more information about dental crowns, and to schedule your consultation with our dentist, contact our office today.