Orthodontic treatment corrects teeth and jaw alignment problems and involves the design and use of appliances such as braces, retainers, aligners, rubber bands, and headgears. If you have crowded or overlapping teeth, it makes them harder to clean which increases your chances of tooth decay, gum disease, and eventual tooth loss. With orthodontic treatment, you can improve the health of your teeth and start to smile with confidence! Call Parkway Dental today at 919-380-9622 to learn more about orthodontics in Cary, North Carolina, and make your appointment with Dr. Stephen Coker.

Early intervention and treatment is preferred, since the process is usually quicker and easier. Treatment can begin as early as six or seven, which is when some habits that are formed as a baby can begin to cause unwanted tooth movement. Orthodontic treatment is also available for adults, who can be treated with both fixed and removable appliances.

Crooked, crowded, and overlapping teeth can cause a wide range of problems, including:

  • Tooth decay and gum disease
  • Wear and tear
  • Jaw injury
  • Speech impediments
  • Self-confidence

Once the problems are diagnosed, we create a step-by-step corrective plan. Any existing dental findings will likely need to be addressed before orthodontic treatment can begin. For instance, any decay must be treated and a dental cleaning must be performed. Also, teeth that are causing crowding may need to be removed before orthodontic treatment can be started.

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