The Bone Graft Explained

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For most people, a trip to the dentist’s office isn’t a big deal. You go in, get your teeth cleaned, get complimented on your oral health, find out you don’t have cavities, and go home with your free swag bag. For others, though, it’s a time when they learn they have to get a bone graft in order to keep their teeth.

Bone grafts are a lesser-known procedure in the dental world, but it’s critical to understand the role they play in your oral health. Let’s take a look at just what they are.

What is a bone graft?
A bone graft is a procedure performed by a highly-trained oral surgeon like Dr. Stephen Coker at Parkway Dental in Cary, North Carolina, where a bone sample from another part of your body is grafted into your jaw. This might seem excessive, but it’s one of the best ways to strengthen an injured jaw.

Why would I need one?
A bone graft is used to treat decay caused by gum disease or other oral health issues. It’s also used to strengthen your jaw bone in preparation for getting a dental implant. If you’ve had to lost teeth due to infection, the jaw bone can be left weakened. They’re also used to stabilize your jaw before getting dental implants.

Are they common?
It’s not common to need a bone graft unless you have bad oral health to begin with. For most patients, it’s a last-resort type option. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 919-380-9622.