These Habits Are Key Factors For Your Oral Health

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Practicing excellent oral health helps to boost the health of your mouth and enhance your overall quality of life. Our dentist and team are committed to helping you maintain your smile against dental issues by developing healthy dental habits that boost your oral care.

One of the most important steps is to make brushing and flossing a daily habit to ensure any plaque or residue is removed regularly. An inconsistent oral hygiene routine increases your risk of tartar developing and creating cavities on several teeth or leading to gum disease.

We also encourage you to choose quality oral hygiene products that actually help your smile. Clever marketing can often disguise a cosmetic oral hygiene product as something that fights cavities, when it only freshens breath. The American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance can show you which oral care products live up to their claims after being thoroughly tested for effectiveness and safety.

Another important step is to schedule dental checkups and cleanings at [oractice_name] regularly so that we can thoroughly polish your smile and identify any signs of a dental problem such as tooth decay, oral cancer, or periodontal disease.

For more tips on how to maintain oral health in Cary, North Carolina, contact Parkway Dental at 919-380-9622 today and schedule a convenient time to speak with our dentist, Dr. Stephen Coker. We look forward to hearing from you!